Thursday, 5 April 2018

Term 1 second progect

This term we finished our visual mihi after that we did another progect. That progect was about the sewage problem around the world. This video that I made was about that problem but tried to make it a little bit funny so I hope you enjoy this video. (Btw I did not make the saying "Small changes can make a big diffrence:))

Why we should not have uniforms at school.

I reckon our school should have no uniforms.We should ban them because most people cannot afford the uniform, especially when they have more than two kids. School uniform costs a lot of money. It takes away money that could of been used for the power bill, water and food. If uniform was not invented we would be kicking back in islands, but instead I am saving up for a another uniform for college.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Tony from attitude

Today we had a visitor from attitude his name was Tony. He talked to us about our attitude, He told us to try new things and dump the dumb thoughts. Like if someone put you down just ignore them. . And hanging around with a bad group of friends is bad. Another thing he talked about was which animal am I?. The animals were Otter (The entertainer), Lion (The director), Golden retriever (The peacemaker), Beaver (The facilitator). My opinion on myself is the otter. One thing that did inspire me was when he talked about the choices you make can have a big impact on your future . My favorite part about this talk was all the jokes Tony made.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Josh Visual mihi

This is my visual mihi, on the top left corner here is Post Malone my favourite rapper I really enjoy his music. On the top right corner there is Fortnite Battle Royale easily one of the best games I have every played. In the bottom left corner is the bible I love de bible, The last one is the maori flag it represents my family and me.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Cooking at tamaki college

Today we started off our term with cooking at tamaki, we cooked pizza with Mrs Hecker we had pineapple ham and cheese.